Sustainable Future

Donor support has spurred groundbreaking research and education in environmental studies, ecology and sustainability at the Faculty of Arts & Science. With exciting new developments in this area, A&S is uniquely positioned to tackle urgent environmental issues.

How It Started

In 1995, Marvelle and Murray Koffler donated Jokers Hill, their 350-hectare equestrian estate, to the University of Toronto. The Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill is now internationally recognized for cutting-edge research and education in biodiversity, ecology and conservation biology.

A black and white photo of the original Jokers Hill buildings, including a person and two horses

Murray and Marvelle Koffler purchased Jokers Hill in 1968.

How It's Going

Construction is underway on new facilities to support students and researchers at the Koffler Scientific Reserve, the goal of which is to move toward a sustainable future through research and education on the environment, in the environment. The new building(s) will provide sleep accommodations as well as shared social, dining and learning spaces for researchers, students and visitors.

A rendering of new facilities at the Koffler Scientific Reserve, featuring a modern, minimalist design with a dramatic triangular roof formation

The new buildings will help advance important research and instruction in ecology and environmental biology.

Where We're Headed

With the School of the Environment's growth and prominence, it will continue to attract world-class faculty; implement a new mandate to develop research initiatives built around interpreting global environmental change, planetary health and the technology-society nexus; and launch two new programs. These changes will boost the school's educational and research capacities, strengthening its efforts to address environmental challenges.


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