The A&S Base Funding Package

Graduate units in the Faculty of Arts & Science provide a base funding package to all graduate students in the funded cohort. For 2021-22, the A&S base funding package will be $18,500 ($19,000 in the Sciences) plus tuition and fees. Funding begins in the first session of registration in the funded program.1 

A&S ensures students will receive fellowship income to bridge the difference between external awards and/or income derived from paid experience (teaching and research assistantships) and the base package established by the Faculty.

Individual student funding packages and their composition change from year to year for a variety of reasons, including increases in the A&S base funding package, changes to tuition and fees, fluctuations in Graduate Unit resources, the availability of TA and RA opportunities and any awards that the student may obtain.

In 2018, we announced a three-year increase that will see the funding package increase by $500 a year, as follows:

Humanities & Social Sciences

Academic Year Base Amount Tuition & Fees Total
2018-19 $17,000 $8,490 $25,490
2019-20 $17,500 $7,851 $25,351
2020-21 $18,000 $7,859 $25,859
2021-22 $18,500 $8,000* $26,500



Academic Year Base Amount Tuition & Fees Total
2018-19 $17,500 $8,490 $25,990
2019-20 $18,000 $7,851 $25,851
2020-21 $18,500 $7,859 $26,359
2021-22 $19,000 $8,000* $27,000

*The 2021-22 tuition & fees figure is an estimate.

The foregoing base amounts apply to all students in the funded cohort. The final total will vary, depending on tuition and fees, which are based in part on domestic or international status and campus affiliation. International PhD students pay the same tuition and fees as domestic students, plus UHIP. International Master’s students pay higher tuition and fees. The A&S base funding package covers tuition and fees for all students in the funded cohort, regardless of their domestic or international status, the incidental fees charged by the campus with which they are affiliated or individual student decisions on optional incidental fees.

Individual graduate units are welcome to provide enhanced packages. Many graduate units offer packages that exceed the A&S base funding amount.

Student income often exceeds the base package, and may do so significantly in graduate units that have abundant TA opportunities or high-value RA-ships. For 2017-18, the most recent year for which comprehensive data is available, average gross income for PhD students in the funded cohort was as high $52,372 in one Humanities department, $48,962 in one Social Sciences department and $41,740 for one Science department. Many students have gross incomes that greatly exceed the average.

1Funding commences in the first session of registration in the program, unless program design dictates otherwise. If program funding commences in year one, students cannot defer funding to a subsequent session or year.