Base Funding Package

Graduate units in the Faculty of Arts & Science provide a base funding package to all graduate students in the funded cohort. For 2020-21, the A&S base funding package is $18,000 ($18,500 in the Sciences) plus tuition and fees. Funding begins in the first session of registration in the funded program. 

A&S ensures students will receive fellowship income to bridge the difference between external awards and income derived from paid experience (teaching and research assistantships) and the base amount established by the Faculty.

In 2018, we announced a three-year increase that will see the funding package increase by $500 a year, as follows:

Humanities & Social Sciences

Academic Year Base Amount Tuition & Fees* Total
2018-19 $17,000 $8,490 $25,490
2019-20 $17,500 $8,500 $26,000
2020-21 $18,000 $8,500 $26,500
2021-22 $18,500 $8,500 $27,000



Academic Year Base Amount Tuition & Fees* Total
2018-19 $17,500 $8,490 $25,990
2019-20 $18,000 $8,500 $26,500
2020-21 $18,500 $8,500 $27,000
2021-22 $19,000 $8,500 $27,500

*2018-19 tuition & fees are actual figures for St. George campus. The amounts for subsequent years are estimates.

The foregoing base amounts apply to all students in the funded cohort. The final total will vary depending on tuition and fees, which is in part based on domestic or international status and campus affiliation. 

Individual graduate units are welcome to provide enhanced packages. About 30% of graduate units offer packages that exceed the A&S base funding amount.

International PhD students pay the same tuition and fees as domestic students, plus UHIP. International Master’s students pay higher tuition and fees. The A&S base funding package covers tuition and fees for all students in the funded cohort, regardless of their domestic or international status or the incidental fees charged by the campus with which they are affiliated.

Program Level Fellowships

Graduate units supplement base funding with Program Level Fellowships, which have a value of $1,000 per student (in 2018-19) but are allocated in a variety of ways, reflect priorities identified in consultation with students in each graduate unit. Program Level Fellowships are dedicated pools of funds provided to each graduate unit by the Faculty, scaled to the number of funded cohort students in the unit. Graduate units hold consultations on Program Level Fellowships each fall.

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The following fact sheets and documents provide concise information on how graduate funding works, base funding amounts provided by each graduate unit and Program Level Fellowships.