Research Opportunities

Arts & Science students have access to different types of research opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Some students participate in research courses while others go abroad for research.

  • The Research Opportunities Program has full credit courses in which second- and third-year students can participate in a professor's research project.
  • The Research Excursions Program allows third-year students an opportunity to get involved in experiential learning outside of the classroom, and often, outside of Toronto.
  • Research-based courses are offered as part of most Arts & Science Programs. Check the Arts & Science Calendar to see if your Program offers research courses. 
  • Many departments offer summer research programs for undergraduate students. In addition, the teaching hospitals near campus also offer summer research opportunities for Arts & Science students. Connect with your department or the hospitals for details on summer research opportunities.

In addition to these course-based opportunities, the Undergraduate Research Fund fosters research experience by providing students with an opportunity to develop a research project of their own, for which there is no other available funding.