Second-Year Learning Communities: Geography & Planning

By joining the Geography & Planning Second-Year Learning Community (SLC) you will be surrounded by a small community of second-year students who are learning to navigate their academic and co-curricular pathways to make the most of their experiences as a Geography & Planning student. The SLC program is designed to help you make the most out of your degree by engaging in various social, academic and professional development opportunities.

For more information about Geography & Planning, visit the Geography & Planning website. 

Apply to a Geography & Planning SLC

SLC applications are currently closed for the 2023-24 academic year, and they will reopen in Summer 2024. 


To be eligible for the Geography & Planning SLC you must be a second-year student enrolled in any of the following geography & planning programs:

  • Human Geography Specialist (Arts Program)
  • Focus in Planning (Specialist)
  • Focus in Urban Geography (Specialist)
  • Human Geography Major (Arts Program)
  • Focus in Planning (Major)
  • Focus in Urban Geography (Major)
  • Environmental Geography Specialist (Arts Program)
  • Environmental Geography Major (Arts Program)
  • Physical and Environmental Geography Specialist (Science Program)
  • Physical and Environmental Geography Major (Science Program)

SLC Course Overview

Students in the Geography & Planning SLC will meet at a welcome session during the first week of classes and then every other week starting September 18, 2023.

Time: Every other week on Tuesdays from 3:30 pm to 5 pm

Location: TBD

Your SLC Team

Photo of Matthew Farish, Geography & Planning SLC Faculty Advisor

Department: Geography & Planning

Title: Associate Chair, Undergraduate

Years worked for your current department and/or U of T: 17

Undergraduate major/specialist and institution: Geography, University of British Columbia

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Why you decided to serve as a faculty advisor: Supporting second-year students who develop an interest or interests in the various branches of geography.

One piece of advice for a second-year student: Seek inspiration from readable but scholarly books: for me, long ago, it was Mike Davis's City of Quartz.

Hobby or interest: Listening to hip-hop and learning about its histories and geographies.

Photo of Rebecca Skoll sitting in front of a table

Title: Peer Mentor

Program: Human Geography Specialist, English Minor

Year: Fourth Year

College: University College

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

An interesting fact: I have a pet pufferfish.

Studies: Racial capitalism, urban studies, development politics.

Hobby or interest: Reading and travelling.

Headshot of Viviana Behrendt in front of a brick wall

Title: Peer Mentor

Program: Environmental Geography and Political Science

Year: Third Year

College: Victoria College

Hometown: New York City

An interesting fact: I speak Italian fluently and most of my summers growing up were spent visiting my family there.

Studies: Something that I really enjoy about my studies are small group discussions, either in tutorials or smaller classes. I also really enjoy group studying because it is a great way to be productive and stay motivated during exam season. 

Hobby or interest: Walking around campus and Christie Pitts is something that I enjoy doing in my downtime to relax, especially when it is still warm out! I also really like to do Kendo and I am one of the executives for the U of T Kendo club.