Cinema Studies

Two people speaking with a microphone in a class.
A group of people walking outside.
two old movie posters - Les Yeux Sans Visage (Eyes Without A Face) and  James Whale's 1931 horror film Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff and Mae Clarke.
The 1962 World Football Championship (held in Chile) identification card of Enzo Robotti — a former Italian international footballer who played as a defender.
Corinne Abouem, Zaria Nelson, Emma Robins.
Paul Bradley, Jayne Eastwood, and Doug McGrath sitting on bench in a scene from the film 'Goin' Down The Road'
An annoyed looking teenage girl in a madcap high school hallway scene
Margaret Fulford in her backyard working on a laptop.
A photo of Eli Meadow Ramraj and a poster that says, "The Only Bar of King Street."
A blue and white graphic that says, Honours & Awards.