Faculty Profile: Nazanin Khazra

Nazanin Khazra

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Economics

Nazanin Khazra.Nazanin Khazra is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, in the Department of Economics.

Khazra is an applied microeconomist working on urban economics and applied machine learning. Her current research focuses on determinants of house price dynamics and household consumption responses to house price changes. In her recent work, she takes advantage of causal machine learning tools to show economic relationships that have not been explored in literature.

Receiving her PhD in Economics from the University of Illinois, Khazra has designed and taught innovative courses such as Applied Machine Learning in Economics and Data Tools for Economists.

She received the Robert E. Demerest Memorial Teaching Award for his machine learning course from the University of Illinois and remains keenly interested in teaching courses with applications in applied research.

Recent publications include: Heterogeneities in the House Price Elasticity of Consumption; Does Airbnb Reduce Matching Frictions in the Housing Market?; and Investment Decisions based on Profit Status: Evidence from Hospitals.

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