Students posing for a photo during ConvocationThere are two graduation periods each year: June and November.

In order to graduate, students must have completed 20.0 FCEs and their program requirements. You can confirm your program requirements using the Degree Explorer or speak to your college registrar.

You must request to graduate in ACORN by the deadline listed in the Sessional Dates calendar.

Graduation Eligibility and Confirmation Letter Requests

You can request a letter from the Faculty of Arts & Science confirming:

  • Your intent to graduate - stating that you have requested to graduate at the next convocation and that upon successful completion of your current courses, you will be eligible to graduate. (See example)

  • Your eligibility to graduate - stating that you are eligible to graduate at the next convocation and have completed your degree requirements. (See example)
  • Your graduation - confirming your degree and the date it was conferred. (See example)
    • Please note that if you have a financial hold on your account (such as a balance owing on your student account) a letter confirming your graduation will not be produced. You must clear any outstanding obligations to the university first. Please contact Student Accounts at 416-978-2142 or for assistance. Once the hold has been removed, you may complete and submit the request form. 

The fee for the letter is $8.00 per copy, payable online by credit card or in person by debit or credit card.

In order to produce your letter, we must receive the following:

  • A graduation request made via ACORN;
  • Fee payment for the letter(s); 
  • Confirmation by your program sponsor on Degree Explorer that your programs are "Complete" or "Pending" (see example).

Current students: Submit your request using the Online Services for A&S Students website.
Alumni: Submit your request using the Online Services for A&S Graduates website

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