The Dean's Promise

The Faculty is committed to ensuring that graduating students can enrol in a set of courses that will allow them to graduate. This commitment depends upon the student doing all that is necessary at the optimum/appropriate times as indicated in the Registration Instructions and in the Calendar. The Dean promises that you can enrol in (a) mandatory course(s) if you have enrolled in the appropriate programs (changes to program in the final year of graduation may not be considered), completed appropriate prerequisites and requested courses from a full range of the possible options that would allow you to complete your program and degree. To use the Dean’s promise, you must have attempted to enrol in these courses through ACORN at the earliest possible opportunity. Students from other University of Toronto divisions, including the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) and University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC), may not use the Dean’s Promise to enrol in Arts & Science courses. Students from other divisions are encouraged to contact their Registrar’s Office if they have questions about graduation requirements.

If you need a course to complete a program requirement, contact the academic unit offering the program before the course enrolment deadline. If you need a course to complete a degree requirement (for example to fulfill a breadth requirement), contact your College Registrar's Office by the course enrolment deadline.