In the Media: Professor Sebastian Sobecki sheds light on mythical phantom islands — BBC Radio 3

April 8, 2024 by A&S News

Phantom islands appeared on — and eventually disappeared from — maps throughout history. Some of these islands were mythical, while others were geographic errors or political inventions. In a BBC Radio 3 series, Department of English and Centre for Medieval Studies Professor Sebastian Sobecki speaks to host and classical composer Erland Cooper about the story behind one such magical island, St. Brendan’s Isle.  

St Brendan's Isle began appearing on medieval maps in the 13th century, first near the Canary Islands and eventually near Newfoundland five centuries later. It was named for the Irish abbot Saint Brendan who, according to myth, travelled the seas for seven years to reach it. 

Listen to the episode that aired Friday, April 5 on BBC Radio 3.