Arts & Science in your feed: A roundup of podcasts and videos reflecting the diversity of expertise in the Faculty

April 6, 2022 by Chris Sasaki - A&S News

Reflecting the diversity of expertise and thought-leadership in the Faculty of Arts & Science, here is a short list of podcasts and videos that explore topics as broad-ranging as artificial intelligence, Martin Luther King Jr., diversity and inclusion in earth sciences, and Baby Yoda.

Earth News Interviews

Earth News Interviews includes fascinating conversations with earth science experts about current developments in the field and how these discoveries impact us all. Past episodes have included topics such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, how planetary systems form around stars, and more. The most recent episode, posted on International Women’s Day 2022, was a discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion in the earth sciences. The podcast is an earth sciences student initiative, supported by the Department of Earth Sciences. You can listen on iTunes or where you listen to podcasts.


InequaliTalks explores what host Clementine Van Effenterre from the Department of Economics describes as “one of the most pressing issues in the public conversation: inequality.” She and her guests examine such questions as: How deep does gender discrimination run in our societies? What happens to poor households during a housing boom? How is land distributed today? How can minimum wage reduce racial inequality? InequaliTalks is supported by School of Cities. You can listen on iTunes or where you listen to podcasts.

Let’s Get Ethical

One of a number of fascinating podcasts from the Centre for Ethics (C4E) and its Ethics of AI Lab, Let’s Get Ethical episodes topics include legal ethics and the criminal lawyer; the paradox of algorithmic transparency; red-pilling, anti-feminism and the internet; medical ethics and the neurosurgeon; and more. You can listen on iTunes or where you listen to podcasts.

Ethics of AI in Context

This C4E podcasts explores the “normative dimensions of artificial intelligence and related technologies in individual and public life.” Topics have included: increasing diversity in machine learning and artificial intelligence; the coloniality of data work for machine learning; human rights and digital rights; and more. You can listen on iTunes or where you listen to podcasts.

Sounds of Ethics

This podcast lets you listen to lectures and other events from C4E and the Ethics of AI Lab. Episodes have included talks and discussion about Martin Luther King Jr. on fear and fearlessness; the right to hunger strike; James Baldwin and black rage; Hip-hop futurities; and more. You can listen on iTunes or where you listen to podcasts.

Humans in 5

In a series of videos, the Department of Anthropology’s Michelle Cameron and her colleague, Sarah-Louise Decrausaz from the University of Victoria, explore — in five minutes or less — the anthropology behind an incredibly diverse range of subjects including: weddings, contacting isolated tribes, Baby Yoda and reconstructing fossil species. Watch all the episodes on YouTube.