Krystle Hewitt - Department of Computer Science

Sheila McIlraith, Diane Horton, David Liu and Steven Coyne.
Students test out video games on laptops in a classroom
The cover of a book with text that says, Social Issues in Computing.
Sotiris Nousias and Mian Wei.
A red, white and blue beach ball and red, white and blue balloons on a blue background
 a cell phone in hands
Jiannan Li standing with the robot
Assistant Professor Joseph Jay Williams (front right) with graduate students on the Adaptive Experimentation Accelerator team, including (from left to right) Ilya Musabirov, Pan Chen, Harsh Kumar and Mohi Reza sitting on a staircase.
Standing - left to right: Pan Chen, Assistant Professor Joseph Jay Williams, Mohi Reza, Harsh Kumar and Ilya Musabirov
Majeed Kazemitabaar sitting on a desk with a computer screen behind him