First-Year Foundations Seminars


Learning in a top research university means becoming involved in academic life by exchanging points of view and tackling controversial topics. Small classes, capped at 25 students or fewer, help ensure that all students are active participants in discussions and are encouraged to develop their ability to think analytically and to express ideas and logical arguments through class discussions and in your writing.

These full or half-credit courses focus on issues, questions and controversies surrounding a particular topic or theme. Taught by some of the Faculty's leading scholars, the best researchers and teachers at U of T, they are only for newly admitted first-year students.



First-Year Foundations Seminars:

  • Count as 1.0 or 0.5 of the 20 credits required for an Hon. B.A., Hon B.Sc. or B. Com.
  • First-Year Foundations Seminars are not required to get into any Program of Study. However, they may count towards your Program. Please check with your college registrar for further details.
  • Can be counted towards the breadth requirement.
  • The Academic Calendar lists the First-Year Foundations Seminars.
  • Examples include: Fatal Attraction: The Lure of Villains (and now Vampires!) in Literature – examine the lure of the charismatic, compelling, and ultimately devious villain; Capitalism, the First 3000 Years – study the long and complex history of this political system; Astronomy at the Frontier – be at the cutting edge of astronomy, cosmology and space science by learning about the formation of stars and galaxies, exploration of the solar system, dark