Faculty Exchange Opportunity, University of Siena

A faculty exchange opportunity is available to a Faculty of Arts & Science faculty member to go to the University of Siena for up to eight months between September and July.


Exchange participants will be selected on a competitive basis on the merits of their application. Selection will be made by a Faculty committee.

Interested faculty members are invited to apply by submitting:

  1. A statement of purpose of 400 words or less;
  2. Timeline for the research or other collaboration; 
  3. A letter of support from a faculty member or department chair from the University
    of Siena. 

One faculty member will be selected for participation in the exchange program each year pending the approval of the partner university. Only candidates actively involved in research during the time of their proposed exchange are eligible.

  • During the period of the exchange, the University of Siena will provide:
    • Accommodation in Santa Chiara and Refugio university halls of residence (for graduate students and visiting faculty). The residence will be available between Sept 1 and July 31, only during term time. Alternatively U of T faculty can opt for the cost of accommodation at a hotel or apartment up to maximum of the equivalent in euro of $2500 CDN per year.
    • Access to University of Siena canteens at special rates. 
    • All necessary documents for faculty members to obtain a visa. 
    • During their stay in Siena, faculty members will have access to reading rooms, lecture rooms, libraries, study and research spaces and all other services offered by the Centro Siena‐Toronto.
  • During the period of the exchange, the U of T Faculty member will be responsible for the following: 
    • Faculty members selected for the exchange will carry out the following activities at the host institution: research or research collaborations, teaching and joint academic events such as conferences, workshops.
    • Exchange faculty members will be expected to abide by the laws and customs of the host country and respect the code of behaviour and regulations of the host institution. 
    • Furthermore, as representatives and mediators of this cultural exchange, they may on certain occasions be requested to contribute to the Centro Siena‐Toronto activities by participating in cultural events organized by the centre.

All exchange participants must possess a valid passport and visa for the exchange period. Exchange participants must have health insurance and accident and third party liability insurance, unless otherwise stated in the letter confirming the visiting faculty status (letter of acceptance).


Hard copies of the applications should be sent to:

  • c/o Siena Faculty Exchange Committee
    Woodsworth College
    119 St. George St., 3rd floor
    University of Toronto


To be determined each year.