Dean's International & Indigenous Initiatives Fund (DIIIF)

The Dean’s International & Indigenous Initiatives Fund (DIIIF) gives faculty and graduate students the opportunity to seek funding for not-for-credit academic activities that involve undergraduate and/or graduate students and include international travel and/or engagement with Indigenous Nations and organizations.

  • DIIIF supports activities that are academically focused and distinct from other current international and/or Indigenous-related programs and initiatives (e.g. ICMs; REPs).
  • Proposed activities may include collaborative projects with institutions and experts at other universities and organizations, including Indigenous Nations.
  • This fund cannot be used to support existing international activities offered by the University or Faculty, e.g., student exchange, Summer Abroad courses or international experiences that are required for academic programs.
  • Conference funding and individual/dissertation research are not eligible for funding.
  • Students may not miss classes or exams to participate in DIIIF projects.
  • Proposed budget requests are not expected to exceed $10,000. Inclusion of funding from other sources is encouraged.

DIIF Program Status:
The DIIIF program is currently under review and is not accepting new applications. Should you have any questions about previously approved DIIIF projects, please contact

Applicants must either hold a continuing faculty appointment or be a degree-student in a graduate program in the Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George).

Consultation options:

For consultation and feedback on DIIIF ideas, faculty are encouraged to reach out to Randy Boyagoda, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate at

Prior to submitting an application, faculty are encouraged to consult with Jennifer Banh, International Programs Coordinator, Professional and International Programs, on proposed budgets and travel plans at

Instructors interested in proposing a project involving Indigenous communities are encouraged to consult with Brenda Wastasecoot, Assistant Professor, Indigenous Studies at

Faculty Application Process:

  • Please fill out the application form, adhering to the word limits.
  • Fill out the pre-formatted budget application 
  • Send the completed application form and budget to your Chair/program director for review and approval.
  • Once approved, the Chair/program submits the proposal to by the deadline.
  • The International Opportunities Community adjudicates DIIIF proposals.

All undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty taking part in Arts & Science-funded international opportunities must meet the U of T Safety Abroad guidelines to participate. Support will be provided by the Professional and International Programs (PIP) office at Woodsworth College to ensure safety abroad requirements are met.

If you have any questions, please email