Research Opportunities Program

The Research Opportunity Program (ROP) gives undergraduate students in their second and third year the chance to join a professor’s research project and earn course credit towards their degree and program requirements.

Students can expect to learn research methods, get to know fellow students, and share in the excitement and discovery of acquiring new knowledge. Students also develop continuing relationships with faculty members who can act as mentors during their undergraduate years and assist them in applications to graduate schools or professional Faculties.

The ROP serves to enhance the fundamental connection between teaching and research in our research-intensive university. Students are welcome to participate in more than one ROP during their undergraduate studies. However, students may not participate in more than one ROP project with the same professor, and may not participate in more than one ROP course per academic year. 

Regular tuition fees apply for ROP courses. 

Student Eligibility

All ROP students must be enrolled in a Faculty of Arts & Science degree program and meet the following criteria based on the timing of the ROP to which they apply:

  • ROP299 in the Summer term: Students must have between 4.0 FCE and 11.0 FCE completed by the end of the April exam period. Students who have more than 11.0 FCE complete are not eligible for a Summer term ROP299.
  • ROP299 in the Fall/Winter term: Students must have between 4.0 FCE and 9.0 FCE completed by the end of the August exam period. Students who have more than 9.0 FCE complete are not eligible for a Fall/Winter Term ROP299. 
  • ROP399 in the Summer term: Students must have between 11.5 FCE and 16.0 FCE completed by the end of the April exam period. Students who have more than 16.0  FCE complete are not eligible for a Summer Term ROP399.
  • ROP399 in the Fall/Winter term: Students must have between 9.5 FCE and 14.0 FCE completed by the end of the August exam period. Students who have more than 14.0 FCE complete are not eligible for a Fall/Winter Term ROP399.

Course Requirements

  • ROP projects in the Fall/Winter normally require eight-to-ten hours per week on the research project.
  • ROP projects in the Summer normally require eighteen-to-twenty hours per week on the research project. 
  • Each student should keep a journal recording meetings, progress, what was learned about the project and about researching. 
  • Students should meet bi-weekly with their supervisors and record the dates and times of those meetings in their journal. 
  • Written assignments must constitute at least 50% of the final grade. 
  • Final exams are not allowed as part of the final grade for a ROP. 
  • Students will attend any demonstrations, orientations, etc., that the supervisor may require.
  • Supervisors must hand back assignments worth at least 20% of the course mark by the term’s drop without penalty deadline. 

Student Application Process

Research Opportunity Program (ROP) 299Y or 399Y Summer 2020 opportunities are now open for viewing and application.  

ROP Application Process:

  1. Login to CLNx as a Student using your UTORid and password
  2. In left navigation bar select “Faculty of Arts & Science”, followed by “Experiential Learning at Faculty of Arts & Science”
  3. Select “View Available Programs/Courses” followed by “Research Opportunities Program”. Review the eligibility requirements listed and confirm all requirements are met for participation.
  4. Review listed opportunities and apply to up to 3 projects (see “How many can I apply for?” under  “Frequently Asked Questions” below)
  5. In subsequent logins the program will be listed in your portfolio under “Current Experiences”
  6. Having trouble? Direct all questions to

Deadline to apply to summer 2020 projects is March 2, 2020.

Fall / Winter 2020/2020 (Round One) ROP projects will be listed by March 6, 2020. Deadline to apply is March 23, 2020.

Fall / Winter 2020/2020 (Round Two) ROP projects will be listed after Round One selection closes. Deadline to apply is July 27, 2020.

The applications will be bundled and sent to the faculty supervisor the day after the deadline. The faculty supervisor then has 3-4 weeks to make their selections. Some faculty supervisors will have interviews, phone calls, or email questions to students they are considering. Each faculty supervisor has their own method. 

Only those students who have been accepted into a project will be notified by the faculty supervisor.  If a student is accepted to a project, they will have to sign an agreement (contract) with the supervisor leading the project. The student will be enrolled into the course on ACORN a few weeks prior to the start of  the relevant term and will begin course work at the start of that term. 

For more information and advice about the Research Opportunity Program, email the program office at

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It is a full course equivalent (1.0 FCE)  counting as one of the 20 necessary for an Hon.B.A. or Hon.B.Sc. or B.Com.

It may, depending on the nature of the project and your Program of Study. You will have to discuss this with the instructor in charge of the individual ROP299/399 project to see how it fits into a program and then discuss it with your program coordinator. It may be difficult to count it towards the B.Com. program; you should discuss this possibility with the Commerce Programs Office.

Students are allowed to apply for a maximum of three per application round (Summer, Fall/Winter Round 1, Fall/Winter Round 2). However, students are reminded they are only allowed to enrol in one ROP per term, and can only take one ROP299 and one ROP399, up to two ROPs total, during their undergraduate studies. Students are not allowed to sign more than one contract for more than one project per term. If a student signs more than one ROP contract per term, only the first signed will be honoured and the other contracts will be considered void. 

No, the supervisors will not have contact with the applicants until they receive all of the applications from the ROP office. Supervisors will contact only those students they wish to interview.

No. We are holding all applications, and send them all at once to the instructors, rather than as we receive them. Please take your time to read over your application(s) to be certain it is complete and correct.

They may, it will vary on the project applied to, and the relevant course work to the ROP that you have completed. Please be sure to include all your courses and marks in your application, if available.

Fill out your application carefully, answer all questions and include any marks you have received.

Once the supervisor has conducted their interviews, and made their selection, your eligibility will be verified and you will receive a Letter of Acceptance via email. The supervisor will then sign a contract with you. Students will be enrolled directly into the course a few weeks prior to the start of the relevant academic term.