Faculty Profile: Scott Schwartz

Scott Schwartz

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Statistical Sciences

Scott Schwartz.Scott Schwartz is an assistant professor, teaching stream in the Department of Statistical Sciences. He was educated at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and received a PhD in statistical sciences from Duke University. He later engaged in research and teaching in the areas of statistical genetics and bioinformatics at Texas A&M University and the University of Texas.

Prior to his arrival at U of T, which he deems “one of the premier institutions of the data science renaissance,” Schwartz taught at the University of Virginia’s School of Data Science. Before that he was employed for several years in the data science industry, working for a health technology startup in New York City and a financial technology startup in Stockholm.

Recent publications Schwartz has co-authored in the field of bioinformatics include: "Transcription Start Site Context Promoters" (Genome Biology, 2020) and "Photoperiodic Response in Switchgrass" (Plant Cell and Environment, 2019.) His earlier statistical publications include "Confounding in Principal Stratification" (Statistics in Medicine, 2012), "Dirichlet Process Principal Stratification" (JASA, 2011), and "Birthweight and Censored Gestational Age" (Statistics in Medicine, 2010).

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