Inaugural Superior Teaching Award Winners

April 27, 2016 by Christine Elias - A&S News

The new Superior Teaching Awards recognize some of the Faculty of Arts & Science’s most exceptional sessional lecturers and graduate student course instructors for their contribution to undergraduate education. The Faculty is grateful to our alumnus, Charles Campbell, whose generous and thoughtful gift has established these awards. David Cameron, dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, presented the inaugural awards on April 14th.

Sessional Lecturers

Antonela Arhin.Antonela Arhin, Diaspora & Transnational Studies

Antonela Arhin has taught “Introduction to Diaspora and Transnational Studies,” on both the St. George and at UTSC campuses, and her course on “Human Trafficking and Contemporary Slavery” has students raving. Students describe her as an incredible instructor who’s extremely knowledgeable, passionate and supportive. In the words of one student: “I have had the great pleasure of working with an array of talented and dedicated professors. None, however, have been as inspiring, or formative in my academic life as Dr. Antonela Arhin.”




Nicholas Morra.Nicholas Morra, Chemistry

“Enthusiastic, inspiring, engaging and approachable — these are words often used to describe Nicholas Morra. He teaches a diverse array of upper and introductory level chemistry courses in the classroom and laboratory. Students praise his compelling and clear lecture style, dedication, availability, and kindness. Morra has also made significant contributions to the redesign of “Organic Synthesis Techniques” refocusing the curriculum, creating modern lecture notes to reflect the new content, and aiding in the development of a significant green chemistry assignment.




Graduate Student Course Instructors

Yanfei Li.Yanfei Li, East Asian Studies

Yanfei Li is a scholar and teacher of Chinese literature and culture. Her course evaluations for “Modern Chinese Cities,” which she has taught twice, are stellar, with one student calling the course material “very inspiring.” Others lauded her for being “very enthusiastic, understanding and accommodating.” Her department is confident that Li will not only become an outstanding researcher in her field, but continue to grow as an incredible student-centred professor.





David Seitz.David Seitz, Geography & Planning

David Seitz completed his PhD in Fall 2015 and while a graduate student was the instructor for three courses of “Geography and Gender.” Students speak in glowing terms of their experience in his class. Seitz excels at translating theoretical concepts and debates into an everyday vernacular, breaking down barriers that students may have when encountering difficult readings. According to his nominators, Seitz is an exceptional and inspiring teacher who promises to make important further contributions to learning experiences in the future.