University College

Headshot of Alicia Corbiere
John Lorinc and the cover of the book: Dream States: Smart Cities, Technology, and the Pursuit of Urban Utopias.
Matilda Dipieri (left), Lilly Flawn (centre), Anuja Purohit (right).
Jonas Prince, Rosalie Abella, Barry Avrich standing together.
Paul Speed standing beside a brewery machine.
A picture of Eleanor Lindsay and the cover of the black and white book LOAD, with a black and white illustration of two hands, one pointing with the index and middle finder, the other making a c shape.
Ralph Chou looking through a telescope in the middle of a field on a sunny day.
Dr. Valiante in full medical gear in a surgery room
Jessica O'Reilly.
Comfort Azubuko-Udah outdoors leaning against  a metal fence