Astronomy & Astrophysics

Barth Netterfield, Richard Bond, and Peter Martin
Maria Drout
Illustration of gamma rays coming from a black hole.
Ue-Li Pen
This Hubble Space Telescope image of the remnant of Supernova 1987A shows a bright inner ring glowing as it interacts with material from the supernova blast.
The pulsar PSR B1957+20 is seen in the background through the cloud of gas enveloping its brown dwarf star companion.
Jielai Zhang
A Hubble Space Telescope image of the galaxy NGC1052-DF2. Distant galaxies are visible through DF2 due to its lack of stars and “ghostly” nature.
PhD student Matt Young at the south pool on a sunny day.
Emily Deibert (left) and Ariel Amaral.