A&S COVID-19 Program Completion Award

COVID-19 will likely delay some students who will not be able to complete their programs as originally planned. The A&S Program Completion Award is intended to provide direct income support to students who need extra time as a result of COVID-19 related delays to academic progress. Determination of eligibility and the award amounts will be at the discretion of graduate units. The Program Completion Award will complement tuition relief provided through SGS, as well as other traditional forms of graduate support such as TA and RA income and direct support from graduate units and supervisors.

Note: The Program Completion Award will continue to be offered to eligible students in 2021–22 and in future years.


The award may be provided to full-time research stream graduate students in the Faculty of Arts & Science who, for reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic, require additional time in their program that takes them beyond the program length required for their degree. Eligible students will be outside the funded cohort and have limited or no alternative sources of funding.

The eligibility criteria are:

  1. The student was making good progress with their thesis/dissertation prior to COVID-19 and data collection or access to necessary resources has been significantly impeded due to pandemic-related impacts. Disruption should be documented using the COVID-19 mentoring record distributed in 2020.
  2. Additional work is needed before the thesis/dissertation can be defended or the major research paper is completed.
  3. The revised research plan will require an additional session of registration.
  4. Student is outside the funded cohort with limited or no alternative funding. 

Note: The Program Completion Award was available to eligible students outside the funded cohort for up to two sessions of registration in 2020-21. It will continue to be offered to eligible students in 2021-22 and in future years for the first two sessions of registration immediately after exiting the funded cohort.


Eligible students may request an A&S COVID-19 Program Completion Award by completing the PDF iconA&S COVID-19 Program Completion Award Form​ and submitting it to their Graduate Coordinator and Supervisor.