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Every A&S student is a member of a college. Whether you live in residence or commute to campus, your college is like a familiar neighbourhood, bringing you together with people you will know for a lifetime. Many students discover that their college is one of the most important factors in their university experience.

Each college offers the same core services, including academic advising and financial counselling. Whatever college you belong to, you will have access to all courses and programs offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science. You don't have to be a member of a particular college to access college-sponsored programs. College membership does not restrict your academic choices.

When you apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science, you will be asked to select your college membership preferences. They are all good choices. In ordering your choices you may wish to consider location, residence type and space, size of membership, architecture, religious affiliation, family tradition, choices made by your friends, or any other factors that appeal to you. 

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College Populations

Some students prefer a smaller setting, while others prefer a larger one. Regardless of the size of the college membership, all colleges provide a place for you to start building your community, get inspired by peers, and brings you together with people you may know for a lifetime.

Innis College: 2,063
New College: 5,363
St Michael's College 5,000
Trinity College: 1,800
University College: 5,000
Victoria College: 3,421
Woodsworth College: 4,932