First-Year Learning Communities: Psychology

The Psychology FLC will provide you support to improve your first-year experience at U of T, help you learn different skills to succeed in your academic journey, and develop a community with other students, staff, and faculty members in the Department of Psychology.  

If you are accepted into the Psychology FLC, you will be automatically enrolled into the same first-year courses (and accompanying labs and tutorials) as the other students in your FLC.  


  • First-year students in the Faculty of Arts & Science who have been admitted to the Life Sciences admission category  
  • Students living off campus are encouraged to apply to the Psychology FLC 

FLC Course Overview

Students in the Psychology FLC will meet at a welcome session during the first week of classes and then every other week starting September 19, 2022.  

In addition to your FLC sessions, you can also connect with your FLC peers in a core first-year course. You will be automatically enrolled into the same first-year course (and accompanying tutorial) as the other students of the FLC: PSY100H1-F: Introductory Psychology. You will have the option to choose additional courses to complete your first-year course schedule. 

Your Fall Courses 

  • Psychology FLC PSY099Y1-Y LEC0401, Thursdays 4 - 5:30 pm 
  • PSY100H1-F Lecture 0101: Tuesdays 11 am - 12:00 pm, Thursdays 11 am - 1:00 pm  

Your Winter Courses 

  • Psychology FLC PSY099Y1-Y LEC0401, Thursdays 4 – 5:30 pm 

Apply to Psychology FLC 

  • FLC Applications are currently closed for the 2022-2023 year. You can join a waitlist for the program by completing the following application form.  Please note: You will only be contacted if a spot becomes available.

Join the Waitlist

Your FLC Team

Photo of FLC peer mentor Jaemin

Jaemin, Peer Mentor

Year: Three

Program: Psychology Research Specialist, Education & Society Minor

College: Victoria College

Hometown: Kyoto, Japan

Studies: I am a third-year student pursuing a Psychology Specialist. In 2021-22, I worked in multiple labs and completed the ROP at the Toronto Early Cognition Lab. I will be an ROP student at the Intergroup Relations Lab and the Social Coordinator of the Psychology Students' Association in 2022-23.

Why peer mentorship? I wanted to become a FLC peer mentor to support first-year students during their transition and the challenges they may face, by sharing my experiences and university resources. FLC is a valuable opportunity for students to connect with each other and learn about academic and career opportunities.

Advice to first-year students: Be bold. Try everything out and don't hesitate to ask questions.


Photo of FLC peer mentor Sofia

Sofia, Assistant Peer Mentor 

Year: Two

Program: Double major in psychology and global health, minor in sexual diversity studies

College: New College

Hometown: Arlington, Massachusetts

Studies: I chose my POSt due to my interest in mental health and intersectionality. My first year, I was part of the Trinity One medicine and global health stream, and I discovered my passion for global health and equity. I am also currently doing an ROP in the Toronto Early Cognition Lab.

Why peer mentorship? In love teaching and supporting others. Transitioning to university in a new country during COVID was a new challenge for me, but having community support made it a little less daunting. I'm excited to support new students through this transition--academically, emotionally, and logistically.

Advice to first-year students: It's okay to take your time adjusting to university life; everyone makes friends and finds their academic routines at different speeds.