Sessions for Chairs, Principals & Academic Directors

The Office of the Dean invites new and continuing Arts & Science chairs, principals and academic directors to attend the “Chairs, Principals & Academic Directors” sessions. These sessions focus on Arts & Science specific practices and policies and will provide relevant information at key points throughout the year. Sessions will be hosted through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Please feel free to register for any or all sessions via the links below.

2021 Chairs, Principals & Academic Directors Program


Supporting New and Mid-Career Faculty

Date & time: March 10, 10 - 11:30AM

This session focuses on the role of the academic leaders in supporting and mentoring faculty in their teaching, research and overall career trajectory. This will include a discussion of the Chair/Director’s role in relation to grants and awards and the range of A&S and institutional supports available to faculty.  The session will also consider how best to provide opportunities for mid-career faculty and how to recognize their contributions.

Facilitators: Alexie Tcheuyap, Vice-Dean, Faculty, Academic Life and Equity

Registration for Supporting New and Mid-Career Faculty