Deferred Exams Fees & Schedule

Currently, there are no final exams in the Faculty of Arts & Science. Instead, courses may have final assessments which take place during the Final Assessment Period.

If you have an approved petition to write a deferred or re-deferred final exam or final assessment from December 2019 or earlier, you will complete this academic requirement in the same format during one of the following times:

  • Same time as students currently enrolled in the course
  • November 2020 Reading Week


If you are ill or have a significant emergency that prevents you from attending a final exam, you may request permission to defer writing the exam until a later date. You must request a deferred exam in writing: use the fillable petition form, provide your written statement giving the date of the missed exam and your reason for missing it, and attach the relevant documentation. Submit them to your College Registrar’s Office. 

If you are deferring a December exam, here are some important things to note:

  • If you are registered with Accessibility Services and require accommodations, the deadline to register with Accommodated Testing Services is two weeks before the date of your deferred exam. Make sure to contact Accommodated Testing Services as soon as you receive your deferred exam schedule.
  • Your deferred exam date will not be released to you if you have not paid the fee by the payment deadline.


Deferred Exam Fees

The fee to defer an exam is $70 for one course, up to a maximum of $140 per session (for two or more courses). You should pay the fee as soon as soon possible. You will not be allowed to write your deferred exam until you have paid the deferred exam fee.

Payment Options


Special and Regular Deferred Exams

There are two types of deferred exams:

  • "Special" deferred exams take place within a few weeks of the original exam and are based on the material from the original session/term in which you took the course. Most deferred exams are "special" exams.
  • "Regular" deferred exams take place the next time the course is offered, during the regular exam period. For "regular" deferred exams, you are advised to audit the course and the materials for the session that your deferred exam is scheduled in. 


Deferred Exam Date and Location

If you are writing a "special" deferred exam, you will receive email with your exam date and location, after you have paid your deferred exam fee. Your deferred exam schedule will also be posted online.

If you are writing a "regular" deferred exam, your exam date and location will be posted in the Exam Schedule.

Once you are scheduled for a deferred exam, you are expected to be available for the exam. The Faculty will not accommodate adjustments to the deferred exam schedule based on individual requests. If you have extenuating reasons creating a conflict (e.g., court appearance, citizenship hearing) speak to your College Registrar’s Office.

If you miss a deferred exam due to extenuating reasons and you would like to request a re-deferral, you must petition within five business days of the end of the exam period through your College Registrar's Office and provide appropriate supporting documentation. You will be required to pay a further fee for each subsequent deferred exam. Be advised that permission to write a re-deferred exam is not guaranteed.


Illness during an Exam

If you become ill during an exam, you must notify the Exam Facilitator immediately. You cannot do this at the end of the exam or just before the exam ends. They will ask you to sign a form and hand in all your exam materials. You are strongly encouraged to seek medical attention immediately. If you wish to request an opportunity to re-write the final exam, you must petition through your College Registrar's Office and provide appropriate supporting documentation. Receiving permission to re-write a final exam is not guaranteed. 


Contact Information

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