Other Petition Types

The University has made changes to the applicability of the ACORN Absence Declaration Tool. As of the Fall 2023 term, the Absence Declaration Tool will no longer be considered as supporting documentation for petition requests.

There are other petition types which are uncommon but still available for A&S students. Browse some uncommon petition types below. 

Petition Type: Late Application/Removal of Credit/No Credit

If you missed the last day to select or remove the Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) option due to extenuating circumstances, you can submit a petition to request late application or removal of this course notation. Familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements for CR/NCR in the Academic Calendar, and check whether or not you need the course for your program(s) or future studies.

Deadline and submission information: The deadline to submit a petition for a late application/removal of Credit/No Credit is five business days after the end of a final exam period. In the case of the December final exam period, the deadline is five business days after the University reopens in January. The deadline to submit any supporting documentation is three weeks from when you initiate your petition with your College Registrar’s office.

Personal Statement: In addition to the recommendations listed in Preparing a Petition, your personal statement should explain what circumstances prevented you from selecting the CR/NCR option leading up to and on the deadline.

Petition Type: Aegrotat Standing

A request for aegrotat standing is an extremely rare petition which allows a student to ask for credit in a course that they could not complete due to medical circumstances. The credit is based on their progress in the course and helps the student graduate on time.

This petition is used for courses in the last academic session before graduation. If a student has faced significant health problems that are preventing them from completing the course within the allotted time, or within any extensions provided by the instructor, they can use this petition to get credit for that course. The student must complete at least 60% of the course work based on the grading weight and have a passing mark in the course thus far.

If you are considering submitting this petition, contact your College Registrar’s Office and ask for their help to understand the implications of this petition on your academic record. If granted, your transcript will have an AEG notation instead of a grade for the course, which indicates that you were unable to complete the course due to a medical reason. You will earn credit for this course, and it will count towards your program and degree requirements. 

Deadline and submission information: When you are ready to submit an aegrotat standing petition, use the category Exception to Degree Requirements and explain your request in your personal statement. While there is no set deadline for this petition, you should submit it as soon as possible and before graduation to allow time for the petition to be considered and possibly allow graduation to take place. 

Petition Type: Taking a Course for a Third Time

If you completed a course but did not get the necessary marks for a program requirement or a prerequisite for a different course, you may need to retake the course. See the Academic Calendar to learn about the rules for repeating courses that you have already passed. In very rare cases, you may wish to take the course for a third time. In this case, you would submit a petition for taking a course for a third time.

When submitting this petition, you will have to demonstrate a strong reason why you believe that your grades from the first two attempts were not reflective of your capability. You will have to show documented reasons why extenuating circumstances prevented you from getting higher grades. You will also have to explain how other options will not work in this case. An example of one option would be if the academic unit were to make an exception to their program requirements or course prerequisites and permit you to continue with a lower grade.

Deadline and submission information: When you are ready to submit a petition to take a course for a third time, use the category “Exception to Degree Requirements” and explain the request in your personal statement. You should submit this petition well in advance of applicable course enrolment deadlines. The deadline to submit any supporting documentation is three weeks from when you initiate your petition with your College Registrar’s office.

Petition Types Not Listed

If you are hoping to submit a petition for something that is not listed on this website, you should talk to your College Registrar’s Office. In some cases, you may not need a petition, and your College Registrar’s Office can guide you on your next steps. Your College Registrar’s Office can also reach out and ask questions or seek clarification on your behalf. 

If you are not sure which category your petition request falls under, please consult your College Registrar’s Office.

Personal statement: Check Preparing a Petition for some tips on what to include in your personal statement. Explain what happened, include the timeline and any unusual circumstances, and clearly explain the exception you are requesting.

Documentation: Include any documentation (e.g., medical documents) to help support the circumstances you have described.

Deadline: Submit your petition as soon as you can, as petition decisions can take time. The deadline to submit any supporting documentation is three weeks from when you initiate your petition with your College Registrar’s office.