How to Apply to ASIP

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Thank you for your interest in the Arts & Science Internship Program. To apply to ASIP, students must be enrolled in an eligible program and have completed a minimum of 4.0 credits and a maximum of 8.5 credits at the time of entry to the ASIP stream. Year 2 students who exceed the 8.5 credit limit due to transfer credits (whether from secondary school or postsecondary studies), with up to 10 credits at the time of entry, will also be considered.

Please review the full eligibility and admission criteria before applying. 

Key Dates

General Application Instructions

Application Steps

We strive to provide inclusive services that enable all students to thrive and succeed in ASIP, including those from equity-deserving groups. We encourage all interested students to apply to the program.

Key Dates


Round One Admissions

July 10-August 10, 2021 Round one ASIP applications open on CLNx for students with confirmed entry into ASIP-eligible programs. 
August 31, 2021 Students notified of round one admission results by email. Students will receive a notification of either:
  • Offer of admission
  • No offer of admission
  • Offer of waitlist (see Round Two instructions)
September 7, 2021 Deadline to accept round one admission offer on CLNx.


Round Two Admissions

A pre-determined number of spots will be reserved for round two admissions to accommodate students who come to meet eligibility criteria after the second request period of program enrolment. Round two applicants will be considered along with the highest scoring remaining applicants from round one, with the highest scoring applicants from either round being offered the reserved spots.

September 7*-15, 2021 

*Application portal opens 5 pm on September 7

Round two ASIP applications open on CLNx only for students who gained entry to an ASIP-eligible program during the second request period of program enrolment. Students who applied in round one are not eligible to reapply in round two.
September 22, 2021 Round two applicants and round one waitlisted applicants notified of ASIP admission results by email. Students will receive a notification of either:
  • Offer of admission
  • No offer of admission
September 27, 2021 Deadline to accept round two admission offer on CLNx.
Week of September 27, 2021 Successful applicants will be auto-enrolled in the ASIP stream and in the professional development course PDC220H1 following acceptance of their admission offer. PDC220H1 begins for all successful applicants (round one and round two) the week of September 27th. 


General Application Instructions


  • The application portal will be open only during the application periods listed above. 
  • All application steps need to be completed by the specified deadlines (see Key Dates above) for your ASIP application to be considered. 
  • The application package will consist of a supplementary application and your resume. 
  • The supplementary application will ask for basic student information (student number, program, etc) and responses to four short answer non-cognitive questions. Your answers must come from your own experiences and be written completely by you. You will also be asked to provide the name and contact information of a person who can verify the validity of your responses. 
  • When you submit your resume, acceptable formats are DOCX and PDF.
  • To avoid losing your work on the internet browser, we recommend you work on your responses in a separate document so you can edit and save your drafts. When you are ready, copy and paste your responses into the application to submit.
  • The application package can only be submitted once. Do not go back and edit as the updated application will not be considered.
  • If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact

Steps to Apply 


Step 1: If you meet the ASIP eligibility criteria, log on to CLNx to complete the ASIP supplementary application. 

Step 2: Click on “Current Experiences” on the main page.

Screenshot of ASIP application Step 2 in CLNx

Step 3: Select the “ASIP 2021” application.

Screenshot of ASIP application Step 3 in CLNx


Step 4: Complete the “Terms and Conditions” and “ASIP Supplementary Application” (Steps 1 & 2).

Note: If you are enrolled in 2 different ASIP-eligible programs and would like to be considered for the ASIP stream in either program, you may indicate your interest in both ASIP streams on your application. However, if you only want to be considered for the ASIP stream for one of your programs, then apply to the relevant ASIP stream only.

Screenshot of ASIP application Step 4 in CLNx

Step 5: Upload a copy of your resume when prompted.

Step 6: When you have completed your application package, make sure you submit your application. Upon successful submission, you will be able to access your saved responses by clicking on ‘Current Step – ASIP Supplementary Application’. Do not edit your submission as the admissions committee will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

Screenshot of ASIP application Step 6 in CLNx

Step 7: You will be informed of your admissions status by email (see Key Dates above). 

Step 8: You will be required to accept or decline your ASIP invitation by the stated deadline (see Key Dates above). Instructions to accept your offer will be provided in the offer email. Once you have accepted your ASIP invitation, you will be automatically enrolled in PDC220H1

Questions can be directed to