How to Apply to ASIP

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Thank you for your interest in the Arts & Science Internship Program. Please review the full eligibility requirements before applying. 

Admission Criteria

General Application Instructions

Key Dates

Application Steps

We strive to provide inclusive services that enable all students to thrive and succeed in ASIP, including those from equity-deserving groups. We encourage all interested students to apply to the program.

Admission Criteria 

The ASIP stream of each program is limited enrolment. Students must submit a supplementary application.   

Holistic admissions criteria will form the basis for admission, with the following criteria being considered:   

  • Prior work, volunteer, extracurricular and/or community involvement  
  • Demonstrated leadership, time management and teamwork qualities  
  • Evidence of motivation, enthusiasm, adaptability and resilience  
  • Strong communication skills and sense of self  

The application package will consist of the student’s resume and responses to four short-answer non-cognitive questions exploring the above qualities.  

The ASIP program’s mission is to help students prepare for professional life through work-integrated learning. We strive to provide inclusive services that enable all students to thrive and succeed in the program, including those from equity-deserving groups. We encourage all interested students to apply to the program. 

General Application Instructions

  • The application portal will be open only during the application periods listed below. 
  • All application steps need to be completed by the specified deadlines (see Key Dates below) for your ASIP application to be considered. 
  • The application package will consist of a supplementary application and your resume. 
  • The supplementary application will ask for basic student information (student number, program, etc.) and responses to four short answer non-cognitive questions. Your answers must come from your own experiences and be written completely by you. You will also be asked to provide the name and contact information of a person who can verify the validity of your responses, if required. 
  • Please upload your resume in PDF format and label the document with your UTORID (not student #).
  • To avoid losing your work on the internet browser, we recommend you work on your responses in a separate document so you can edit, spell check and save your drafts. When you are ready, copy and paste your responses into the application to submit.
  • The application package can only be submitted once. Do not go back and edit as the updated application will not be considered.
  • If you encounter any technical difficulties, please contact

Key Dates

Date Activity
June 13, 2022 – July 11, 2022 ASIP application period
  • Note: Students enrolling in an ASIP-eligible program after the ASIP admissions period (e.g., during the second program request period) are also eligible to apply for ASIP; students have until September 21, 2022 to meet all eligibility requirements.
September 8, 2022

Students notified of admission results by email. Based on the cumulative score on the supplemental application and resume submission, students will receive a notification of:

  • Offer of admission – students already eligible for ASIP who meet the necessary cumulative score
  • Conditional offer of admission – students not yet eligible for ASIP, but who meet the necessary cumulative score 
    • Typically, this would be reserved for students who have received an invitation to enrol in an ASIP-eligible program but have not yet accepted that offer
  • No offer of admission – student did not meet the necessary cumulative score
September 21, 2022 Program and PDC220H1 and PDC230H1 start date
September 21, 2022 Final deadline for students to accept ASIP offer of admission and meet ASIP eligibility criteria

    Steps to Apply 

    Detailed application steps will be updated here by June 2022.

    Questions can be directed to