International Opportunities

Come out to International Opportunities Week to learn how you can make the world your classroom! Speak to students who have gone on exchange or spent a summer abroad and find out how their experience shaped their degree.


5 Ways to Internationalize Your Degree

Spend a week, a term, a summer or a year. Or, create your own academic adventure.

Interested in other cultures? Want to explore another part of the world? Expanding your horizons and knowledge of the global landscape is valuable at any time in your life. 

An international opportunity can help you in your studies and position you for success after graduation. Several programs are available. You can potentially earn credit and receive financial support.

Stay on track with your degree; connect with our  Arts & Science Transfer Credits staff.

1. A Week Away

Visit another country during your winter break or Reading Week for an intensive experience. You might surprise yourself with how much you can learn about another culture in a short period of time.

2. Spend a Summer

Turn your summer travel plans into an incredible learning opportunity while you see and learn about another part of the world. Some international programs enable you to earn credits in 3-6 weeks!

3. Take a Term

Spending a term in another country gives you the time to have a unique experience living abroad without going away for a full year.

4. Experience a Year

Immerse yourself in another place, participate in life there, improve your language skills and earn credit while having the most memorable year of your life.

5. Create Your Own Adventure

There are several international programs to support your global experience. You can also create your own. For a week, a summer, a term or a year you can make your international experience what you want it to be.

Find Funding

No matter where you're heading, the Faculty of Arts & Science wants to help fund your international experience. There are more than 10 awards and scholarships to choose from.