Guiding Principles of Digital Learning

Vision Statement

Empowering students and instructors with inclusive and accessible, high-quality digital learning and teaching opportunities that enhance and expand the Arts & Science experience, both in and beyond the classroom.

Guiding Principles

Promote Leading Pedagogy

Fostering innovative digital teaching, to empower instructors and units to translate their goals into exemplary pedagogies and effective practices, through supporting course design, instructional creativity and digital advances, all of which will enrich and expand our capacity for superior teaching.

Foster Digital Fluency

Facilitating instructor and student exploration in how to teach and learn with digital tools, to build confidence, knowledge and expertise, all of which will strengthen connections between virtual and physical experiences and communities. 

Support Flexibility

Expanding online and digitally enhanced courses, to increase the accessibility of an A&S education by offering students and instructors a broader range of options and flexibilities while balancing personal and academic commitments, goals and responsibilities.

Be Agile

Proactively identifying resources, opportunities and partnerships, to support interested academic units and instructors in the digitization of course offerings, which will complement and enhance the on-campus learning experience as well as encourage the delivery of robust online courses.

Integrate New Technology

Developing intentional, systematic, consistent and sustainable processes for adopting and integrating innovative technologies, to ensure instructors and students are well supported throughout their experiences, including adherence to best practices and protocols concerning privacy, safety and security.

Transform Spaces

Creating digitally enabled physical learning spaces to support a more seamless integration and transition between virtual and physical learning environments and improve continuity in the overall experience for students, instructors and academic units.

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