Eva-Lynn Jagoe wins F.E.L. Priestley Prize

June 13, 2018 by A&S News

Eva-Lynn Jagoe – a professor of Comparative Literature and Spanish and Portuguese has been named the winner of this year’s F.E.L. Priestley Prize for the best essay published in the journal English Studies in Canada.

Her essay, “Depersonalized Intimacy: The Cases of Sherry Turkle and Spike Jonze,” was praised for “its originality, its generative capacity, its critical acumen and its accessible style.”

Jagoe’s book, The End of the World as They Knew It: Writing Experiences of the Argentine South, is about the affective and material encounters between selves and others. Her other published articles are about literature, cinema and culture. She is currently experimenting with different forms in her writing and teaching about self, feminism and the body.