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The Experiential Learning and Outreach Support Office (ELOS) is available to support faculty and staff in developing, implementing and maintaining sustainable, high-quality experiential learning within the context of their course and/or program.

    Our Supports

    Through our consultation process, we can support you through the funding, partnership and pedagogical considerations that are essential for providing safe, inclusive and engaging experiential learning opportunities.

    • Partnership outreach, maintenance and evaluation, including partners in the private, public and non-profit sectors
    • Administrative paperwork, risk mitigation and management
    • Alumni engagement and partner appreciation

    Important Note: We invite faculty seeking support in developing partnerships for experiential learning opportunities to contact us for a consultation. We ask that faculty submit requests for partnership development support no later than four months before the course start date to ensure sufficient time for outreach activities.

    • Course and program design
    • Student assessment, reflection and evaluation
    • Student preparation and associated programming
    • Universal design and inclusion
    • Course and program evaluation
    • Assessment of unit-level experiential learning activities and program planning

    We are available to deliver group workshops, student-focused training and departmental presentations on topics related to experiential learning.

    As the Faculty continues to work towards its goal of expanding experiential learning (EL) opportunities for Arts & Science students, we are pleased to announce a pilot Experiential Learning Faculty Fellows Program. The pilot is supported by the Provost’s Experiential Learning University Fund.

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