Late Withdrawal

The Faculty of Arts & Science has approved a mechanism to assist students, in conjunction with their college registrars, to remedy situations, particularly in their early years at university, where personal or other circumstances mean they are irretrievably behind in a course.

  • Degree students in the Faculty of Arts & Science may request to withdraw without petition from a total of no more than 3.0 credits, provided such a request is made by the last day of classes in the relevant term. Non-Degree students may also request LWD, provided they do not exceed the 3.0 credits maximum throughout their combined degree and non-degree studies.
  • Students will make such requests to their college registrar, who has the authority to approve such requests if the circumstances warrant approval of an exception to the normal Drop deadlines.
  • Withdrawals approved under this procedure will be noted on the academic record by the course status LWD (Late Withdrawal). This course status will have no effect on the GPA or other elements of the academic record.

Students who have fallen behind with assignments or are not at all prepared to write exams in one or more of courses will be expected to make use of this remedy, and should contact their college registrar’s office immediately.

Students seeking to avail themselves of this remedy will be expected to work with their college registrarial advisor to analyze what led to their predicament, to discuss what steps they can take to prevent it from happening again, and to learn from their experiences.

Students who transfer to the Faculty of Arts & Science from University of Toronto at Mississauga (UTM) or University of Toronto at Scarborough (UTSC) will have all UTM/UTSC LWD requests (if any) included in their Arts & Science academic record. These LWD requests are counted towards the 3.0 credits maximum.

Future petitions for Withdrawal, Deferred Exams or Extensions for Term Work will be considered in light of the fact that the student has previously been granted such an opportunity.

Note that the option for Late Withdrawal is not available if an allegation of academic misconduct is under investigation.