ASIP Fees and Financial Aid

There is a supplemental fee to participate in ASIP. The total cost to participate will be paid over six installments; see chart below for the 2022-23 ancillary fees. An ancillary fee is associated with each professional development course and the first two work terms between Year 3 and Year 5; there is no work term fee for the 4-month work term taken between Year 2 and Year 3 and students will not be required to pay the work term fee if they are unable to secure a work term. Ancillary fees will be linked to the following course codes to facilitate payment: 

Ancillary Fee Year 2 Entry Courses Year 3 Entry Courses
$455 PDC220H1: Maximizing Your Experience PDC230H1: Maximizing Your Experience
$455 PDC221H1: Essential Skills for ASIP Success PDC231H1: Essential Skills for ASIP Success
$455 PDC320H1: Professional Skill Development I PDC330H1: Professional Skill Development I
$455 PDC321H1: Professional Skill Development II PDC331H1: Professional Skill Development II
$910 INT300H1: Professional Work Term INT301H1: Professional Work Term
$910 INT400H1: Professional Work Term INT401H1: Professional Work Term

These fees are based on ASIP fees for 2022-2023 and are subject to change. 

Scholarship Deferrals

Students who are participating in ASIP may be eligible for a scholarship deferral during their work term period. Full conditions on award deferrals are available in the applicable Terms & Conditions. To be eligible for a scholarship deferral, students must meet the Terms & Conditions of the award at the time of their deferral request and must continue to meet the Terms & Conditions upon their immediate return to studies. While the scholarship is deferred, students are responsible for any fees incurred. For questions related to scholarship deferrals, please contact Undergraduate Awards, Arts & Science at

Financial Aid 

We encourage all eligible students to apply to ASIP. If you are in financial need and feel the cost of this program is a barrier to you, we encourage you to discuss your situation in detail with a financial advisor at your College Registrar’s Office

Questions? Learn more about ASIP fees on the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Experiential Learning and Outreach Support (ELOS) team at