Experiential Learning

Students under a canopy of branches at the Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig teaching lodge
Professor Carl Knappett and a large group of students stand in front of blue water and a large, protruding land mass on the isle of Crete.
A doodle graphic of people doing various tasks: reading, mixing chemical, climbing, running
A woman standing in a marsh holding a turtle
In foreground a table covered in jars of honey - behind table a group of students listening to a man speaking
a crowd of people milling around research posters
Two woman student kneeling and digging in the earth
a group of students posing on a elegant staircase
Abigail Wagner (l.) and Lily Peters (r.) at the Koffler Scientific Reserve standing in front trees holding branches in their hands
A research team standing beside a trench in the soil