Second-Year Learning Communities: Statistical Sciences

By joining the Statistical Sciences Second-Year Learning Community (SLC) you will be surrounded by a small community of second-year students who are learning to navigate their academic and co-curricular pathways to make the most of their experiences as a statistical sciences student. The SLC program is designed to help you make the most out of your degree by engaging in various social, academic and professional development opportunities.

For more information about statistical sciences, visit the Statistical Sciences website

Apply to a Statistical Sciences SLC

Applications are open until July 14, 2024. 

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To be eligible for the Statistical Sciences SLC you must be a second-year student enrolled in any of the following statistical sciences programs:

  • data science specialist (science program)
  • specialist in statistical science: methods and practice (science program)
  • specialist in statistical science: theory and methods (science program)
  • statistics major (science program)

SLC Course Overview

Students in the Statistical Sciences SLC will meet at a welcome session during the week of September 9, 2024, and then every other week starting the week of September 16, 2024.

Time: Every other week on Mondays from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: TBD

Your SLC Team

Photo of Katherine Daignault, Statistical Sciences SLC Faculty Advisor

Department: Statistical sciences

Title: Assistant professor, teaching stream

Years worked for your current department and/or U of T: Five

Undergraduate major/specialist and institution: Mathematics and classics from McGill University

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Why you decided to serve as a faculty advisor: I want to help students develop skills that will open doors for them throughout their academic journey and beyond. I hope to encourage students to make the most of their time here, to discover new interests and hobbies and to make life-long connections with their peers. I hope the SLC can create a community for students in their second year and develop a supportive environment while navigating this unique time.

One piece of advice for a second-year student: Develop and seek out time management skills – there’s a lot going on in second year (and beyond) and this skill will help you navigate all your coursework as well as allowing yourself the space to take breaks and make time for things you enjoy outside of class.

Hobby or interest: Cooking and baking

Mariam standing in front of wooden doors in a convocation gown holding a bouquet of flowers

Title: Mentorship programs coordinator

Years worked for your current department and/or U of T: One

Undergraduate major/specialist and institution: Ethics, society and law at U of T

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Why you decided to serve as a staff advisor: I want to help to offer students additional supports outside of the classroom. The SLC is an amazing way for students to leverage their current skills, develop new ones and learn from incredible mentors who are committed to their development outside of the classroom.

One piece of advice for a second-year student: Remember that you’re a person before you’re a student. Take the breaks you need, find fun things to do outside of the classroom, and ask for help when you need it. These will lead to you succeeding in the classroom and having a well-balanced life. 

Hobby or interest: Cooking, going to concerts and trying new restaurants in the city.

Selfie of Catherine indoors

Program: Ecology and evolutionary biology specialist, statistics major

Year: Four

College: Woodsworth College

Hometown: Shanghai, China

An interesting fact: I can tell most of the birds' names (and some plant names) in Ontario. I am more than happy to go birding with anyone interested in it! 

Studies: My programs offer a fantastic variety of experiences, allowing me to dive into diverse topics. In my ecology and evolutionary biology program, I can collect plant samples in the field and then experiment on them in the lab. Simultaneously, my stats program equips me with various data analysis methods to interpret the experimental results. Integrating and applying my knowledge across disciplines is always exciting!

Hobby or interest: I enjoy cycling and hiking in the wild and painting landscapes with my original characters. I also like playing PC video games, especially Metrodvania and detective games.

Ariza holding a coffee, photographed in the winter in front of a Christmas tree

Program: Economics major and statistics major

Year: Three

College: Victoria College

Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

An interesting fact: I am a die-hard Harry Potter fan and read at least one of the books during the holidays every year. P.S. I do not have any connection with Aritizia. 

Studies: I really appreciate how my majors, economics and statistics, are directly applicable to everyday life. It's incredibly rewarding to see the connections between what I learn in the classroom and real-world events. This practical application enhances my understanding and keeps me engaged with the material. Additionally, I find the field of statistics particularly fascinating due to its diversity. It not only deepens my analytical skills but also provides exposure to a variety of subject areas, from life sciences to business, broadening my academic and professional horizons. 

Hobby or interest: I love playing and watching sports. I play intramural sports (soccer and dodgeball) for Victoria College. Currently, I am trying to learn how to play tennis. I also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing. I am involved with many clubs at U of T like the U of T Economics Club, Victoria College Athletics Association, Victoria College International Student Association, Rational Capital Investment Fund, etc.