Faculty Profile: Wenyu Pan

Wenyu Pan

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Wenyu PanWenyu Pan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto with a PhD from Yale University.

Her research area is dynamical systems. The main objects of her study are dynamical systems that act on non-compact spaces, or which have infinite invariant measures.

She is interested in the stochastic behaviour and rigidity phenomenon of these systems, and how to use tools from dynamics to solve problems in spectral theory, geometry and number theory.

Her research and published works include the article Exponential mixing of geodesic flows for geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds with cusps (Jialun Li and Wenyu Pan); in Inventiones mathematicae: Kleinian Schottky groups, Patterson-Sullivan measures and Fourier decay (Jialun Li, Frédéric Naud, and Wenyu Pan); in Duke Mathematical Journal: Joining measures for horocycle flows on abelian covers (Wenyu Pan); and Journal of Modern Dynamics.

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