First Year Opportunities

First-Year Foundation One Programs

First Year Foundations typically combine one or more small-group, theme-based courses with co-curricular events (e.g. guest lectures) and experiential learning opportunities. All first-year, full-time students in the Faculty of Arts & Science, regardless of college affiliation, are eligible for admission to these programs.

All seven colleges and the Munk School of Global Affairs in the Faculty of Arts & Science offer distinctive first-year programs to help with the transition to university. These programs focus on developing critical thinking, speaking and writing skills and an atmosphere that allows you to develop close relationships with fellow classmates and instructors.


First-Year Foundation Seminars

  • First Year Foundation Seminars give you an opportunity to work closely with an instructor in a class of no more than 30 students
  • Issues, questions or controversies of particular interest to the instructor are discussed
  • You are encouraged to develop your ability to think analytically and to express ideas and logical arguments through class discussions and in your writing
  • Examples include: Fatal Attraction: The Lure of Villains (and now Vampires!) in Literature – examine the lure of the charismatic, compelling, and ultimately devious villain; Capitalism, the First 3000 Years – study the long and complex history of this political system; Astronomy at the Frontier – be at the cutting edge of astronomy, cosmology and space science by learning about the formation of stars and galaxies, exploration of the solar system, dark


First Year Learning Communities (FLCs)

  • First Year Learning Communities (FLCs or "flicks") are small groups of first-year students who have several classes in common. FLCs provide students with the skills and resources to make their transition to university a success. 
  • Students in FLCs meet bi-weekly with 25 peers registered in the same courses and labs for academic, developmental and social activities facilitated by senior students and with the guidance of faculty and staff advisors. 
  • Joining a FLC helps students form friendships, maintain a healthy life balance and explore the campus and city of Toronto.


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