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First-Year Seminars

2014-2015 First-Year Seminars

First-Year Seminars (199 courses) are open only to newly-admitted, Faculty of Arts & Science students (3.5 credits or less). They are full-credit or half-credit courses that focus on discussion of issues, questions and controversies surrounding a particular discipline (or several disciplines) in a small-group setting that encourages the development of critical thinking, writing skills, oral presentation and research methods. 199 seminars are as rigorous and demanding as any other first-year course and require in addition the acquisition of those skills expected of successful undergraduate students. With a maximum enrolment of 24 students each, they are an ideal way to have an enjoyable and challenging small-class experience in your first year.

First-Year Seminars:

  • Count as 1.0 or 0.5 of the 20 credits required for an Hon. B.A., Hon B.Sc. or B. Com.
  • Do not count towards a subject POSt. For example if you intend to enrol in a Major program in Mathematics, a 199Y1 or 199H1 course offered by the Mathematics Department do not count as one of the courses required for that program.
  • Can be counted towards the breadth requirement.

    Students who began their studies in September 2010 or later must take at least 4.0 credits in courses that have been designated as satisfying the Breadth Requirement across five categories. These areas are thematic and are determined by the topic and approach of the course, rather than the field in which the course is delivered, and represent the wide areas of study available in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

    Courses in Creative & Cultural Representations explore cultural products (including art, language, literature, music, dance, drama and other forms of creative expression) and their meanings.
    Courses in Thought, Belief and Behaviour focus on the formation and function of systems of meaning, belief, and communication.
    Courses in Society and Its Institutions focus on societal organization, institutions, and systems, and the theories and models used to understand them.
    Courses in Living Things and Their Environment explore the relation between organisms and their natural surroundings, and the ability to make and evaluate observations about living things.
    Courses in the Physical and Mathematical Universes allow students to develop and apply an understanding of the physical world and mathematical models.

  • Each 199 course is categorized according to the five breadth categories as follows:
      • CCR 199 courses count as Category 1 Creative and Cultural Representations;
      • TBB 199 courses count as Category 2 Thought, Belief, and Behaviour;
      • SII 199 courses count as Category 3 Society and Its Institutions;
      • LTE 199 courses count as Category 4 Living Things and Their Environment;
      • MPU 199 courses count as Category 5 The Physical and Mathematical Universes;
      • XBC 199 courses are Y courses that count as half in each of two breadth categories. These two categories are indicated, within brackets, at the end of the course title (e.g., (1 & 3) for a course that counts as half in 1 and half in 3, (4 & 5) for a course that counts as half in 4 and half in 5).

Please Note: Newly Admitted First-Year Students may enroll in only ONE 199Y1 course or TWO 199H1 courses.

Students planning to enroll in two 199H1 half-courses with the same section code (e.g. two F sections or two S sections) with the same designator (e.g., two CCR 199H1F or two LTE 199H1S) will not be able to register in both on ROSI. Students should contact Ms. Deborah Shaw at the First Year Seminars Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Office, 416-978-0359 or deb.shaw.utoronto.ca immediately after enrolling into one 199H1 course on ROSI to be enrolled into the second 199H1 course.

For further information and advice about First-Year Seminars, contact the First Year Seminars Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Office, located in Room 2133, Sidney Smith Hall, 416 978-0359. deb.shaw.utoronto.ca.

2014-2015 First-Year Seminars




List of all available 199 courses -- 2014-2015.