Course Evaluation

The University of Toronto requires that all courses, both undergraduate and graduate, be evaluated by students.

The normal practice in Arts & Science is to use U of T's centralized course-evaluation framework and online delivery system. This framework provides a customizable course-evaluation form that includes eight core institutional questions and three Arts & Science questions. Academic units and instructors may each choose to add up to three questions drawn from a central question bank.

Course-evaluation information and data are shared with divisions, academic administrators, instructors and students through email and Quercus. Student responses to instructor-selected questions are only shared with the instructor.

Important Dates for Winter 2019

ROSI Express Verification 

To ensure the Course Evaluation Team has accurate course and instructor information for the online course-evaluation system, each department must review and make any necessary changes to two ROSI Express Reports: “Course/Instructor Diagnostics” and “Scheduled Courses for Evaluation.”

  • Deadline for Y courses and Winter H courses: Thursday, January 31, 2019

Instructor Period

Instructors may add up to three questions from the central question bank during this period. Instructors will receive an email from the Course Evaluation Team prompting them to do this.

  • Deadline for Y courses and Winter H courses: March 12-19, 2019

Student Period

Students are invited to evaluate their courses during this period.

  • Deadline for Y courses and Winter H courses: March 21-April 5, 2019

Course Evaluation Reports Release Dates

  • Fall 2018 reports will be released to academic administrators and instructors on January 23, 2019.

Relevant Course Evaluation Resources for Faculty and Staff

Arts & Science Documents

  • Further Research on PDF iconGender Bias in Course Evaluation Data (PDF)
  • E-mail Thuy Huynh, Teaching & Learning Project Coordinator ( for a copy of the following documents:
    • A&S Procedures for Course Evaluations (provides detailed information on the roles and responsibilities of the institution, division, academic unit, and instructor)
    • A&S Course Evaluation Interpretation Guidelines for Academic Administrators

U of T Documents Available on the Course Evaluation Website (requires UTORid log-in)

  • CTSI Tip Sheet for Running Online Course Evaluations in Class
  • PowerPoint Slide to Announce in-class Evaluations
  • ROSI Express: Confirm Instructors for Evaluation
  • ROSI Express: Instructor and Coordinator Diagnostic Report (PPT)
    • Designated User: Error Solution Walk-through (Winter 2014) (PDF)
    • Designated User: How to Add Additional Instructors Walk-through (PPT)

Key Contacts

U of T Course-Evaluation Support

Arts & Science Course-Evaluation Support