Teaching Awards

We offer a number of awards to recognize outstanding achievements in teaching.

If you have questions about A&S teaching awards or are considering nominating an instructor from your academic unit for an external teaching award, please contact Pam Gravestock (Director, Teaching Support & Faculty Development) at p.gravestock@utoronto.ca or 416-946-7306.

Pam will work with you and the Dean’s Office to identify and review the candidates' suitability. She can help by:

  • Soliciting names of potential candidates
  • Maintaining a database of potential candidates and award recipients
  • Advising on candidate suitability for various awards
  • Assisting, when necessary, in securing decanal support for awards
  • Working with the Arts & Science Communications Office to share information about awards and award recipients
  • Consulting with the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and the Provost’s Office regarding institutional and external teaching awards
  • Supporting the nomination process for various awards

View this PDF for a list of the teaching awards that we support, with some details regarding eligibility requirements, deadlines and the requirement for decanal-level support: PDF iconProcess for Soliciting Names and Submitting Nominations for Teaching Awards (PDF)

A&S Research Award Reporting Forms

PDF iconA&S Research Awards & Honours Reporting Forms FAQ (PDF)

Divisional Awards

Superior Teaching Award (STA)

Deadline: Nomination Packages due February 1, 2019

For sessional and graduate course instructors, the Faculty of Arts & Science Superior Teaching Awards recognize teaching excellence in undergraduate education, in classroom instruction, innovative teaching methods and student engagement by Sessional Lecturers and Graduate Student Course Instructors.

Application Instructions

Outstanding Teaching Awards

Deadline: Nomination Packages due February 1, 2019

The Faculty of Arts & Science Outstanding Teaching Awards recognize teaching excellence in undergraduate and graduate education with a focus on classroom instruction and course design and/or curriculum development.

Application Instructions

Dean's Outstanding Staff Awards (OSA)

The Outstanding Staff Awards were established in 1999 to recognize the important roles administrative and technical staff have in fulfilling the academic mission of the Faculty.

Application Instructions

Institutional Awards

If you are interested in submitting a nomination for an institutional award, you may need decanal or provostial support. 

To secure this support in a timely manner, submit names of potential candidates to Pam Gravestock before you begin compiling a nomination package.

Early Career Teaching Award

The University of Toronto Early Career Teaching Award recognizes faculty members who are effective teachers and demonstrate an exceptional commitment to student learning, pedagogical engagement, and teaching innovation. Up to four awards of $3,000 each will be offered annually. Award recipients will be honoured at the annual Excellence in Teaching Reception to be held in the Fall.

Application Instructions

University of Toronto Teaching Fellowship

The University of Toronto Teaching Fellowships provide funds for up to five recipients in the Teaching Stream which will allow them to engage in a pedagogical project of direct benefit to students in a defined area of institutional priority. Through its focus on supporting pedagogical innovation and research, the program is intended to promote the emergence of leaders within the Teaching Stream. The Fellowships will provide the opportunity for Teaching-Stream faculty members to undertake a two-year teaching and learning project, working closely with the Office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education and the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation. All Teaching-Stream faculty members are eligible to apply for Teaching Fellowships.

Application Instructions

Northrop Frye Award

As Canada's leading research-intensive university, U of T is expected to consistently demonstrate dedicated and engaged learning opportunities for our undergraduate students. The Northrop Frye Award (Faculty) recognizes those individuals or team of individuals who have enhanced the student experience through innovative curriculum, co-curricular learning, and pedagogical contributions inside and outside the classroom with a special focus on the integration of research and teaching. For example, fostering opportunities for undergraduates to participate in cutting-edge research activities.

The Northrop Frye Award (Staff) recognizes a staff member or team of staff members who have made significant contributions to the quality of the learning environment for students. This includes enhancing the learning environment in classrooms, libraries, or academic programs, and providing exemplary support in re-imagining the undergraduate experience.

Application Instructions

President’s Teaching Award

The University-wide President’s Teaching Award recognizes sustained excellence in teaching, research in teaching, and the integration of teaching and research. We encourage nominations of colleagues whose achievements are truly outstanding for this very special form of recognition by the University of Toronto.

Application Instructions

External Awards

Please contact Pam Gravestock (Director, Teaching Support & Faculty Development) to discuss the process for External Awards at p.gravestock@utoronto.ca or 416-946-7306.