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Opportunities for funding are available through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). This page is a U of T resource for Faculty of Arts & Science grant applicants.

Information Sessions and Workshops

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Review and Feedback Services

An editorial review can increase the chances of a successful Tri-Agency grant application. Our feedback focuses on the strength of the proposal in meeting the specific SSHRC program objectives and on overall rhetorical effectiveness including organizational structure, grammar, word choice and the use of non-specialist language. Recommendations are provided on how to present most effectively the research project in alignment with SSHRC standards for fundable proposals.

Editorial reviews of Tri-Agency grant applications are available from Suzanne Jaeger, PhD, Faculty of Arts & Science Funded Research Officer.

Researchers affiliated with the Department of Sociology can receive a similar service form from Sherri Klassen, PhD, Sociology Research Coordinator. The Research Coordinator provides coaching, critical feedback and editorial advice to help develop highly competitive funding applications, and assists in navigating any particular internal and program submission procedures and requirements. 

It is sometimes advisable to hire a freelance editor for a final copy-edit review.

Proposal Development Tools

Mitacs Student Research Internship Opportunities

Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that supports the creation of research and training programs in Canada. Mitacs programs financially assist academic researchers in providing on-the-job research training opportunities for students and post doctorates. Support is available for collaborations with Canadian and international industry and not-for-profit organizations. Mitacs applications are pre-approved when included in successful Tri-Agency grant application budgets. View details and deadlines for Mitacs funding opportunities.

Other Resources

For additional grant proposal support and information about the University of Toronto process (including internal deadlines), please follow these links:


For more information about the research grant application submission process, please contact the Arts & Science Funded Research Officer.