Undergraduate Education

Paul Brumer, David Dyzenhaus, Naomi Seidman.
Ben Sprenger (left) and Rushay Naik (second from left) in Mongolia with a research team
BTS in concert
Group shot of the students at Jlabs
Melody Neumann standing beside Michelle French.
Third-year student Daria Mancino presented her research into Holocaust survivor testimonies to her class
L-R: Anahid Najafizadeh, Mia Durkovic, Tami Piovesan, Massimo Chiarella, Mathuja Jeyakumar, Sanjana Shah, Gloria Dragic.
Dragana Obradovic (top) with students Burbuqe Cunaj, Anthony Pehar and Olivera Bucalovic.
The students selected for the TLI program went through an intensive interview process that focused on the values of creativity, agility and resilience.
A hand writing math equations with white chalk on a blackboard.