European, Russian & Eurasian Studies

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy exchange students Sofiia Kekukh and Daryna Zavhorodnia standing in front of an exhibit
Book cover with title: Euromissiles — The Nuclear Weapons That Nearly Destroyed NATO. Image is of two missiles shooting skyward. Beside book is headshot of author.
a group of students posing on a elegant staircase
A blue and white graphic that says, Honours & Awards.
Lynne Viola in her office sitting at her desk hands folded
President of Kosovo talking to a group of students - all masked
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Mark Strychar-Bodnar.
L-R: Anahid Najafizadeh, Mia Durkovic, Tami Piovesan, Massimo Chiarella, Mathuja Jeyakumar, Sanjana Shah, Gloria Dragic.