Modern entrance to Wonderwerk Cave
Branden Rizzuto at a computer attached to the pXRF. Fellow PhD students Liz Gibbon and Stephen Rhodes look on.
Tania Li talking to a plantation worker in Kalimantan, Indonesia
Jean Bosco (Jhonny) Kenedy releasing a lemur back into the wild.
Charles Manson in handcuffs walking with a police officer
El Graeco’s place of discovery, Pyrgos Vassilissis, to the southeast over the plain of Athens and under a reddish cloud of Sahara dust
Group photo of the ICM students with students from UHM
An infant chimp holding onto its mother in the jungle
Kristin Bright
Bonnie McElhinny with her students Soohyun Kim, Asviniya Kokilathason, Weiyuan Che, Kenneth Lao and Chika Toda.