Financing Your Studies

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers a Base Funding Package to guarantee a minimum level of funding to graduate students. This, plus scholarships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships, form the principal components of graduate student funding packages.

A&S Base Funding Package

In 2018, the Faculty of Arts & Science announced a $1,500 three-year funding increase, which will see the base amount increase to $18,500 in the Humanities and Social Sciences and $19,000 in the Sciences by 2021-22. In addition to the base funding package, A&S provides program level fellowship funds at $1,000 per student in the funded cohort, to be allocated as determined by each graduate unit in consultation with students.

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Internal Scholarships 

  • Awarded by various divisions of the University of Toronto.
  • The largest source of internal scholarship support are University of Toronto Fellowships, which are awarded by departments as stipend or tuition fellowships, in accordance with the department's graduate funding policy and with School of Graduate Studies regulations.
  • Most Arts & Science academic units also award scholarships; consult your home department's website for details.

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External Scholarships

  • Granted by agencies external to the University of Toronto.
  • Major external scholarships include NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council), SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council), and OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarships)
  • Applications for these awards are normally submitted through students' home departments.

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