A&S COVID-19 Research Pivot Award

Students whose research has been derailed by COVID-19 to the point that they require financial assistance to resume or redevelop the research that they had originally planned may apply for an A&S COVID-19 Research Pivot Award.  The award is intended to assist the student with out-of-pocket expenses resulting from the need to resume research or start over with a different research plan.

Note: The Research Pivot Award program is set expire on August 31, 2021.

The award criteria are:

  1. Recipients must be full-time research stream graduate students in the Faculty of Arts & Science who must significantly pivot their research plans due to a COVID-19 related disruption. 
  2. Research or other learning activities are no longer available to the student (e.g., data collection or access to other necessary information has been significantly impeded due to COVID-19 and/or data have been lost).
  3. There are insufficient data to defend a thesis/dissertation; 
  4. All feasible alternative academic activities have been completed; and, 
  5. Funds are required for research related expenses and costs.

To apply for an A&S COVID-19 Research Pivot Award, students should (1) complete a COVID-19 online Mentoring Meeting Record and (2) submit an A&S COVID-19 ​PDF iconResearch Pivot Award Form​ (PDF) to their supervisor and/or Graduate Coordinator.