Emaan Abbas Thaver

Student photo Emaan Abbas Thaver

Year of Study: Second

Home Town: Karachi, Pakistan

Programs of Study: International Relations and Economics

College: Trinity College


Why did you choose U of T?

I chose U of T not only because of its stellar global reputation but also because I love how integrated it is with the city – you can hardly tell where campus ends and where the city begins! I picked U of T specifically over smaller schools because I feel like I get the best of both worlds here – being part of a college gives me that smaller community to connect with, while being right in the middle of busy downtown Toronto.

What has been your favourite course so far?

Why?  So far, my favourite course has been one of my International Relations courses – TRN250 – "Ordering International Relations in an Age of Empire” (which is a mouthful) but it’s really great because it's an ‘inverted classroom’ format, which means that the professor posts modules explaining the material online so we can listen to them at home or while commuting. Our classes are purely discussion-based, so we really get to know the material and talk about how it relates to current affairs.

What unique learning opportunities have you participated in?

I took a First-Year Seminar course last year and because it was just over a dozen of us, we really got to know each other and the professor well. My seminar was very focused on engaging in-depth with the material and as a result, I felt well-equipped to participate in our frequent discussions and debates.

What support service have you found most useful at U of T?

I found both the Career Centre and the Centre for International Experience to be extremely useful when I was dealing with the transition from high school to university – the Career Centre has some great workshops that helped me immensely, from fixing my resume and cover letters to exploring networking and making connections.

Where is the best place for coffee/dessert on campus?

The elusive campus ice-cream truck!

What is your favourite thing about Toronto?

The food! I love to try out new places to eat and Toronto is full of amazing restaurants and cafes.