Dana Berg

Student photo Dana Berg

Year: Third

Home Town: East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A.

Program of Study: Major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,  minors in Environmental Geography and Anthropology 

College: New College


What is your favourite thing about the University of Toronto?

Hands down, my favourite thing about the University of Toronto is the friends it has brought me to.  The University attracts people from all walks of life dedicated to learning as well as exploring this amazing city around us.  I am extremely fortunate to have found those that want to experience it with me!

What has been your favourite course so far?  Why?

My favourite course so far has been ANT204 - Introduction to Contemporary Anthropology taught by the amazing Professor Dave.  Contemporary anthropology itself is an extremely captivating topic because it’s the study of what it means to be human in the present, many aspects of which we all see in our daily lives. Professor Dave is a dynamic lecturer, pulling examples from sources that are extremely relevant and engaging.  This course inspired me to pursue my minor in Anthropology; however, I think it would be interesting for anyone to learn about not just those in anthropology. 

What unique learning opportunities have you participated in?

During my second year of University I applied for what is called the Explore it! program through the Career Centre.  It allowed students in particular classes to spend a day with people who had careers we may be interested in pursuing.  Because of this opportunity I was able to take a tour of the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) with one of the mammalian researchers there and get helpful advice for the future.

One of my most treasured and exciting experiences given to me by the University of Toronto was my REP, also known as a Research Excursion Program.  Basically, through this opportunity I was able to live at a remote biological field station in British Columbia for two months conducting my own experiment under the careful watch of amazing researchers.  I cannot condense my experience there into few enough words to convey the influence it has had on my life and I am forever grateful to have been provided the opportunity that not only gave me crucial experience academically but also in life. 

This year, I was fortunate enough to get a work study position in the ichthyology department at the ROM under a post-doctoral student at the University of Toronto.  Not only do I get paid, I also get amazing experience working in a lab with different researchers!

What support service have you found most useful at U of T?

Every year at the beginning of the year I schedule an appointment with an academic advisor at my college to make sure I'm on the right track to graduate and about possible future opportunities. Other services I have used are the Health Services and the Centre for International Experience.  Being an international student, both of these were extremely helpful to get to see a doctor and getting guidance on legal issues such as student visas and work permits

My U of T is…

Opportunity.  The ability to meet anyone, go anywhere, and be anything that I want! It is all within reach of the student to make the best of their university experience especially with all of the various opportunities provided by the University of Toronto.