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Admissions average calculations will be made based on Grade 11 finals and any available Grade 12 finals/midterms (in progress), with emphasis on courses specific to the program to which students have applied to. If a student presents a course at both the Grade 11 level and the Grade 12 level, emphasis is placed upon the mark obtained in the more senior-level course. The University of Toronto reserves the right to take into account repeated courses, grades in specific subjects and other aspects of the student’s academic record.   

All applicants, including those who must present proof of English facility, will be required to present a senior level English course (where an equivalent to Ontario ENG4U/EAE4U is available) for admission to all undergraduate programs, and the English grade will be included in the applicant’s calculated average.  

U.S High School Applicants: Test optional assessment has been adopted for students applying for Fall 2021 admission. For more information visit U.S-Patterned Education Admission Requirements page. 


Application Process 

New! All applicants (BOTH OUAC 101 Applicants AND OUAC 105 Applicants) who select Trinity College as their first preference of college in the Faculty of Arts & Science are required to complete the Trinity College Applicant Profile.

New! A step-by-step application guide for students applying to the Faculty of Arts & Science is now available here

New! Students applying to the Computer Science or Rotman Commerce admission categories in the Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George campus) have the option of selecting a second admission category for consideration. Students will be able to select an alternate admission category on the JOIN U of T portal after completing their OUAC application. 

Selecting an alternate category does not affect students’ eligibility to their first choice of admission category. Rotman Commerce and Computer Science are not available as alternate choices. Students can select from the four other admission categories at Arts & Science: Mathematical & Physical Science, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities. 


Application Deadlines 

Applicant Type OUAC Application Deadline
*Early consideration
Supporting Document Deadline
*Early Consideration
Rotman Commerce & Computer Science Supplemental
*Early Consideration
OUAC Application Deadline Supporting Document Deadline Rotman Commerce & Computer Science Supplemental
101 Ontario High School     December 10 January 15 February 1 February 1
105 Canadian or International Student outside of Ontario November 7 November 15 December 10 January 15 February 1 February 1

Early consideration for students outside of Ontario: 

  • November 7 is the recommended deadline to apply through OUAC 105 of the U of T International Application for early consideration 
  • November 15 is the recommended deadline to submit supporting documents such as transcripts, English Language Test results, or any other required documents for early consideration
  • December 10 is the recommended deadline to complete the supplemental application to Computer Science and Rotman Commerce for early consideration 


Recommended Minimum Admission Averages and Prerequisite Grades

Admission Category Required High School Courses Anticipated Admission Range Recommended Range for Required High School Courses Supplemental Application
Computer Science English, Calculus  low 90s English – mid to high 80s
Calculus – mid to high 80s
Humanities English low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s  
Life Sciences English, Calculus  low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s
Calculus – low to mid 80s
Physical and Mathematical Sciences English, Calculus low to mid 80s English – mid to high 70s
Calculus – low to mid 80s
Rotman Commerce English, Calculus mid to high 80s   English – low to mid 80s
Calculus – mid to high 80s
Social Sciences English low to mid 80s English – low to mid 80s  

For detailed admissions information for other Canadian and international curriculum equivalencies, please visit our Ready to Apply page.  

*Additional high school courses may be required for entry into specific courses in first year or for entry into a specific program after year one. Please see our program pages for high school prerequisites. 


Selecting College Preferences

We’ve streamlined the process of college membership. Instead of being asked to rank all seven colleges when applying to the Faculty of Arts & Science on the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), applicants will select their top three colleges in order of preference. 

Trinity CollegeVictoria College and St. Michael’s College have additional supplemental applications to be filled out after a student has submitted their OUAC application. 


Supplemental Application for Computer Science Admission Category

Applicants to the Arts & Science Computer Science admission category must submit a supplemental application by posted document deadlines, or by December 10 for early consideration.  

The supplemental application will be found in applicants’ Join U of T account after they have applied and will be included as a “to do” item in their admission checklist.  

More info about the supplemental application: 

  • It will be comprised of four short-answer questions 
  • Applicants will be asked to reflect on personal experiences and qualities 
  • The questions are not specific to computer science 
  • It is nothing they need to study for! 

As in the past, admission to the Computer Science admission category is extremely competitive. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early and submit all requested documents, including the supplemental application, as early as possible.


Computer Science First-Year Admission Guarantee 

Students apply to a program, or programs, of study at the end of first year, which means they have the opportunity to explore a variety of interests in their first year before they begin their program(s) of study in second year.  Admission to the Computer Science admission category is not the same as the Computer Science (or Data Science) program of study

However, the Department of Computer Science introduced changes to the first-year experience for students entering the Computer Science admission category in September 2020. The new first-year admission guarantee means that all students admitted to the Computer Science admission category are guaranteed a place in the Computer Science specialist, major or minor program of choice after first year, provided that conditions of their guarantee have been met.  

Visit The Department of Computer Science website for more detailed information.  

Due to the program’s limited capacity, Computer Science will not be considering applicants seeking to transfer from other post-secondary institutions, U of T faculties or U of T campuses other than the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George Campus. 


Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) 

New! We are excited to announce the launch of the new Arts & Science Internship Program available for eligible students entering their second year of study. ASIP combines 12-20 months of paid work experience with professional development training.  


First Year Foundations

We’ve also streamlined the application process for our popular First-Year Foundations.

  • First Year Foundations = (a) Ones programs and (b) First-Year Seminars.
  • Most Ones programs no longer need an application – students just enrol during first-year course enrolment in July.
  • The Ones programs still requiring an application are:

More info on deadlines and applications processes will be available in January 2020.


Connect with the Faculty of Arts & Science

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You can also visit us online for more information on upcoming online events. 


Additional Counsellor Resources

We have a variety of resources available to help you assist students in the application process.