Next Steps

Congratulations on being offered admission to the University of Toronto's Faculty of Arts & Science! 

You have a lot of choices to make, and this site is designed to help you make the best choices.

What To Do Now

Follow the instructions in your offer package to accept your offer of admission by the stated deadline.

Check the Join U of T Portal to make sure your acceptance has been received.

Read through our Welcome Guide for new students.

If you're interested in residence, be sure to indicate your interest on the MyRes portal by March 31, 2020. This will ensure that you are guaranteed residence, provided that you are a full-time first-year student entering university for the first time and have been admitted by June 1, 2020.

Course enrolment doesn't begin until July 2020, but it's never too early to start researching the courses and programs you may be interested in.

Check out the New Student Guide for Planning Your Studies to get an idea of what courses you need to take in first year.

Use the Arts & Science Calendar and U of T's Course Finder to help search the over 4,000 courses offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Learn more about program selection and how to start planning for your degree


What To Do Later

  • After admission, you must log back into MyRes portal to rank the residence options available to you
  • Your residence will send you an email with instructions on how to accept your residence offer. If you plan on living off-campus, the Housing Services Office can provide information about finding an apartment.
  • First-Year Foundations Ones combine theme-based, small-group learning with extra-curricular experiences and provide for an exceptional first year.
  • Consider signing up for a First-Year Learning Community (FLC). Joining a FLC helps students form friendships, maintain a healthy life balance and explore the campus and city of Toronto. Students in FLCs meet bi-weekly with 25 peers registered in the same courses and labs for academic, developmental and social activities.
  • First-Year Foundations Seminars are small classes that help build relationships with professors early in your academic career.
  • Read through the Arts & Science Calendar and Registration Instructions and Timetable to map out a rough course schedule. Be sure to plan some alternatives, just in case 
  • Sign on to ACORN (also called the "Student Web Service"). View your course enrolment start time on ACORN beginning in July.
  • At your start time in July, enrol in your courses on ACORN. Be sure to log on to ACORN as soon as your enrolment window opens for best course selection!
  • Plan a budget for the upcoming year
  • View your fees invoice on ACORN after enrolling in classes
  • Pay the first installment of your fees or request a fee deferral (deferrals are possible for students with Canadian government student loans.) Failure to pay your tuition on time will result in removal from all your courses. To be a registered student you must have enrolled in courses AND paid the first installment of your fees (or officially deferred them).
  • Obtain your TCard once you arrive on campus. Visit the TCard office in the Koffler Student Services Centre.
  • Setup your UTmail+ email account once you have your TCard
  • Attend Orientation Week, held in September at your college
  • September - classes begin!