Extracurricular Opportunities

Arts & Science students have many opportunities to learn new skills and gain leadership experience. Whether you are interested in sports or art, science or board games, volunteering or making new friends, there are countless opportunities for you outside the classroom. 

  • Photo of students dancing on a stage during Clubs DaySports and Athletics: You can join an intramural team, take fitness classes or attend a Varsity Blues game.
  • Student Clubs: Cultivate your curiosity, explore your passions and create your own community by joining a student club.  You’ll find a club for almost every pursuit - from beekeeping to breakdancing, magic to mahjong, Quidditch to space robots. 
  • Volunteering or Working in the Community: Join the Centre for Community Partnerships to find community-based opportunities around the city.
  • Arts and Theatre: Get on stage at the Hart House Theatre or explore the world of art with the Art Committee at Hart House.
  • Campus Newspapers: Join one of the campus newspapers and gain real-world writing experience.